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Pabric Premium Foldable Poster has unique qualities which make foldable posters possible on a professional grade presentation surface. 

- Ideal for posters with photos, designs or various graphics.
- Non-woven light weight polyester (15mil). 
- Patented coating for color and graphic printing.
  - Crisp & clear text and lines on fabric.
- Matte, non-reflective presentation surface.
Water resistant & dust free.
- Water mark completly gone after drying. Text stays clear.

- Heat resistant.  
- Easy & light ironing to take the wrinkles out.

- Folded or rolled up. Provide different options.  
- Durable and easy to handle for hanging preparation.


Our Large-format Printers

- Canon iPF 8400S (imagePROGRAPH)
- 8 Color, Original pigment Inks.


The only supplier in the US

We are the only representation and supplier selling this unique printable fabric material.

Wholesale & Partnership:
Ms. Ting Hsiao
marketing@pabric.com | 1-866-453-6931

How does the foldable poster work? 
Why Pabric is better than other foldable poster material?