• 36-in Wide Poster

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    Please select the closest sizes for your posters from the menu.

    ex: Your image size is 36" (W) x 32" (H). Please select  36" (W) x 36" (H) as your poster size.  Your poster image will be printed on the selected 36" x 36" size. We won't do further cutting.

    Your posters will be printed on:
    Pabric Premium Foldable Fabric
    - Light weight polyester fabric.
    - Smooth & Matte surface.
    - Patented coating for crisp and vibrant graphic printing. 
    - Thickness:15 mil.  Weight:132 (g/m2) 
    - Crease free & tear free.
    - Water, dust & heat resistant.
    - Wrinkles can be taken out through easy ironing.

    Printer & Ink:
    - Canon IPF 8400S (8 colors / 44-inch wide)
    - Canon authentic 8 color pigment inks 

    Your posters will be shipped in postal tubes. If your poster images
    are smaller than the selected sizes, we will leave as they are
    without further cutting to sizes. 

    How does the foldable poster work?
    Why is Pabric better than other material?
  • 36-in Wide Poster
  • 36-in Wide Poster

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